You may not have heard of me before and that's because I've been behind the scenes working hard in marketing, digital and PR agencies making some of the world's biggest brands in the world look good over the last decade.

Over this years I learnt companies are several years behind with online marketing knowledge, industry experts only acquire premium clients for finance gain and qualified specialists are scarce. That's exactly why I resigned from my city job to support small businesswomen. 

Today my mission is to bring back authentic marketing and help sincere small business owners, who don't get qualified specialist marketing support for your business that you desperately need to build or grow your business. 


In 2014, I voluntarily helped business women for two years whilst working in my full-time digital marketing role. I established we have a wealth of talented business women in the UK yet they aren't sure how to achieve their full potential or market their businesses as they don't know how to promote themselves or their business, unlike men.  As a result, my specialist marketing workshops, 1-to-1 masterclasses and bespoke services combine business mentoring to empower women and marketing training to take the overwhelming stress out of promoting yourself and your business. In return, turning your business into a brand.

To succeed in my mission to support female entrepreneurs and business women, I read all your emails and respond by writing practical easy to implement marketing advice tailored to you.

I don't see helping women and my field, marketing as a job to pay the bills but my lifelong selfless journey to empower women around the world, thus for every program sold, you help me fund a female-led startup in Malawi.



Who I am

At the age of 16, I started up my first business, whilst studying and working to fund it all on my own with little support. And most of entrepreneurial ventures followed this path, thus I understand how difficult it can be to start a business and grow it.

A decade on with a degree in marketing and advertising, an award-winning social media specialist and business mentor; I help women in business become the Apple of their industry.


I believe in strong work ethics, putting people first rather than financial goals and delivering premium marketing programs but honestly priced.

You're not alone in your business, I'm accessible and always here to help, you can get in touch or meetup with me.