I'm a British Business Mentor, Qualified Digital Marketing Practitioner and Award-Winning Social Media Expert serving women-led startups and small businesses in the UK with specialist digital marketing services.

Let's face it, it's not easy starting, running or growing your business online and it can be overwhelming, to say the least, and asking for help from experts can be daunting. You don't know where to find honest support, everyone's trying to sell you something and no-one's trying to help you as you struggle trying to startup or grow your business. Then when you find someone you're not sure whether they're qualified marketing experts (usually not as sales is now being mistaken for marketing), then it's asking that dreaded question, 'how much do you charge?' and praying it's not extortionate. Well, not to worry, I've got a solution for all you mumpreneurs, startups and business women with my free empowering webinars, affordable motivating meetup sessions and honestly priced bespoke marketing masterclasses.

I mentor you to startup that business you’ve been avoiding and give you the tools to grow and lead your online business to success confidently. 

Who am I?

You may not have heard of me before and that's because I've been behind the scenes working hard in marketing, digital marketing and PR agencies making some of the world's biggest brands in the world look good over the last decade.

At the age of 16, I started up my first online business, whilst studying and working to fund it with next to no support, thus I understand how difficult it can be to start and develop your business for consistent income. The secret I hear you ask? Marketing my business online.

Marketing advice is common everyone's got an opinion of what they think you should do yet bespoke, qualified, practical and fairly priced is rarer than blood diamonds these days. I put people first over financial gain and deliver premium marketing but honestly priced. 

I take the stress out of starting up and marketing your business online, the fear out of failure and support all you emerging female entrepreneurs to break those business barriers and transform your business into the Apple of your niche.


I specialise in supporting female-led startups and small businesses with digital marketing services with mentoring and marketing consultancy at the heart of the business.

Sara K Digital's Marketing Services

Sara K Digital's Marketing Services

1-for-1: Giving Back

For every program or consultancy session sold, you help me  support and fund businesses run by women in Malawi suffering from HIV trying to feed their families.




  • Fully-Qualified Marketing Practitioner BA (Hons). Google and Facebook/Instagram Certified
  • Award-Winning Digital Marketing Specialist 
  • Business Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation (supporting business women in developing countries)
  • Board Member/Business Advisor at Young Enterprise (UK's leading charity empowering young people to harness business skills)
  • Over a decade working for corporates, SMEs  and marketing agencies leading marketing projects for Maserati, Oxfam, Volkswagen Group, London Fashion Week, University of Hertfordshire, Wilkinson Sword and advertorial featured in The Guardian. And guest speaker at Pure London in London Olympia (UK’s leading fashion trade show)


"I cannot thank Sarah enough for everything she has done to help my new business start up. I couldn't have done it without her! She's been an amazing mentor from branding, creating my website to social media marketing. I've seen such a difference with my Instagram already, sales have quadrupled and it's only been a week since she helped me to implement what I'd learned - how to get more exposure and engagement!" 
- Annie, Escape Aesthetics
"Sarah is a true master practitioner and the best I've seen. She is the only person I can trust who understands my value and knows what I'm worth. Sarah continues to help me raise the bar within social media and digital marketing industry." 
- Abdul Shakur, Social Media Strategist & Public Figure
"I went to the session expecting to have an informative session about Facebook, instead, I received more than I paid for. It was a masterclass, a coaching session rolled in one and, towards the end, I felt I was talking to a friend who has my best interest at heart. I totally and utterly recommend her! If you use social media, go to one of Sarah's sessions, you will thank me in the end." 
Laura, The People Alchemist