Introduction to marketing business basics


As a marketing practitioner and specialist I meet extraordinary business owners producing life changing products and services everyday. The types of business owners that are truly trying to change people's lives for the better, although they aren't doing that at all because consumers don't know about it and businesses don't know how to reach them. And if you can relate to this simple marketing basics (marketing 101) is for you.


For you to become the Apple of your industry it is important to understand marketing for example, before you became a driver you needed to take driving lessons to know and understand what does what in the car and how to drive. Then once you knew, you became a good driver, were able to pass and drive without assistance. Now you successfully reach your destination without even thinking about it, it's like second nature. The same principle applies to any other aspect of life and business.


People seem to tell small businesses what do to yet not many are truly there to support and help us when we need it the most! As an Entrepreneur who cares for polishing people's skills l feel it is my duty to step up and help all the small businesses in the UK that need online marketing assistance. 


When you have a marketing question, Marketing 101 is very handy but my best advice is to start getting familiar with each blog post from the beginning. The guide focuses on different elements of marketing and every time you invest in yourself (knowledge) you will reap the rewards in your business and people around you will benefit e.g. your employees.


Start small, baby steps (sorry if that sounds patronising). If you know an element, just skim read to clarify be sure and move on. Don't treat it like a task you have to do, you don't ;) Although l want you to succeed, get what you deserve for your hard work and we all need to start somewhere. I hated studying but l found ways to make learning fun and you can to. Just think of fun ways you can apply the advice to your business. Marketing should be a fun task, not a chore.


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