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If you've got a business idea, passion to start or grow your business yet you aren't sure where to start, then I'm here to help.

As a Qualified Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Expert and Business Mentor, I meet businesswomen with extraordinary ideas but don't know the next steps or how to get out there.

Unless you have connections or a secret stash of cash to spend on marketing and PR, starting a business in fashion can not only be overwhelming yet a scary thought. Not many will take the time to understand your business or help you through your journey, that's why I started the 1-to-1 sessions.

I'm on a mission to mentor the nation to launch their businesses online and save you thousands of pounds, after all, qualified specialist advice shouldn't be only for the super wealthy but everyone.


My supportive, empowering and practical workshop is designed to make your vision a reality, it's never too late and with the right support you can and will do it!

We will start by deep diving into your idea, focus on selecting products/services that sells and guide you to attract your ideal target audience online. In other words, I will equip you to tackle the key business and marketing skills to start your business confidently.

With my session you’ll leave with;

  • A clear vision of your business idea, plan and USP (unique selling point)
  • A detailed idea of how it should be presented in visuals to attract consumers
  • An online marketing plan to launch your business and how you’ll be reaching your audience and critical next steps

And here is a more detailed breakdown of what I’ll be covering;

1. Getting Started - Business Plan

We look at your business or idea and what makes you different to your competitors. We will work together to select the items/service that will make you more money.

  • We take a look at your idea or products/services
  • Identify your target audience with a customer profile
  • How to give yourself an edge over your competitors
  • We discuss pricing for your products/services and how to make a profit
  • How to position your fashion business to succeed

2. Build Your Brand Online

I will support you to find and attract your target audience and define your business with an emphasis on branding yourself and marketing your business.

  • Establish brand values and ethos
  • Your unique selling point (USP)
  • Support you to design or refine your logo and image
  • Visuals e.g. logo, business card and website
  • Including branding of bags, tags, packaging and printing

3. Launching with Your Action Plan

The third practical segment is all about putting into practice, getting your business online (starting an online store), giving you a simple yet effective task to reach your target audience via social media to promote your website and the next steps.

  • Together we work on the budget you will need for the initial startup
  • Show you how to create a professional website, with an online store
  • Go through next steps to launching, from a clear to-do list to realistic timeline

More importantly, l give you the confidence and equip you with tools to start your own fashion business online and become the Apple of your niche from the comfort of your own home.


"I cannot thank Sarah enough for everything she has done to help my new business startup. I couldn't have done it without her! I've seen such a difference with my Instagram already and it's only been a week since she helped me to implement what I'd learned - how to get more exposure and engagement!" Annie, Escape Aesthetics.

"Sarah is the only person I can trust who understands my value and my vision. She supported me to startup from nothing, she invested time and I can never thank her enough. I could not have done it without her!" - Beverley Walters.

"Sarah understands my vision, she does an amazing job and love my website. Sarah, literally you are heaven sent. I’ve run out of thank yous I’m truly grateful for your belief in me. It means more than you could even imagine." - Toyan Oriogun, Lonseluet.

Reserve Your Place Today

Don't procrastinate, book your place today and you'll save over £2500 on startup fees from agencies and experts. You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your future investment, yourself and your business?

I genuinely look forward to supporting you to become the Apple of your niche.


If you're not sure if the 1-to-1 session is for you, please feel free to schedule a call with me.