Women's Business Mentor & Startup Marketing Consultant

  • Pullman London St Pancras 100, 110 Euston Road London, England, NW1 2AJ United Kingdom
Women's Business Mentor & Startup Marketing Consultant 1-to-1 in London

Women's Business Mentor & Startup Marketing Consultant 1-to-1 in London

A 3-hours small business mentoring and coaching session in London, with me, Sara K, a Fully-Qualified Digital Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Consultant. Whether you're a startup, struggling small business or established business trying to promote their services or products online, I'me here to help you. You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your future investment, yourself and your business?

You could be in the initial stages of launching your label online or an established small business, which is finding online marketing isn’t working for you I’m here to help you with premium, honest yet affordable specialist business with marketing consultancy sessions. Whether you're an established business woman or a busy mum starting up a business frustrated and not sure where to start when it comes to getting your business online I've created this business mentoring session in London for you. 

I specialise in getting small businesses online, building their online brand presence and supporting struggling businesses grow using online marketing. From specialist marketing consultancy on strategy, branding, websites, creating content marketing (blogging), SEO (get you to the top of Google) or social media advice tailored to your industry, I support you become the Apple of their niche.

What To Expect:

The business mentoring session is tailored to you; we will start by discussing your business as a whole as it's important to your success. It's informal as from my research; I believe the best training and support sessions are delivered in a relaxed environment, where business activities don't seem a chore.

Pre-Session -

After you’ve purchased the Masterclass you'll find details of my private calendar, where you will be able to schedule your session with me.  

My clients see me as a Business Coach and professionalism of a Mentor as I tailor to you and your needs, I don’t cut corners several hours of preparation and thought goes into your session, thus after scheduling in my calendar, I will email you to arrange a quick call in the week to find out more about you, overall business and social media challenges. Furthermore, I audit your marketing e.g. social media, SEO and website (if you have one). In return, the information will help me devise an effective plan tailored to you and your business needs prior to your 1-to-1 with me.

On The Day -

It's informal as l believe the best support is delivered in a relaxed environment, where marketing/business activities don't seem a chore. The session is all about you and your business; we will start by discussing your business as a whole as it's important to your success. 

3 Main Outcomes of the Session: 

  • 1. Your Business: You get to ask any questions and concerns, l provide support to help you with a structure and practical plan.
  • 2. Your Marketing Plan: We discuss your marketing issues in detail, review my findings through the pre-session audit and provide you with solutions to help you transform your business into a brand.
  • 3. The Action Plan: We tackle the challenges head on together, I give you an action plan to implement and go through how to do it.

More importantly, l giving you the confidence and equip you with tools and strategy to tackle marketing for your brand.

Reserve Your Session With Me Today:

On average, the 3-hour business mentoring coaching or consultant in London sets you back £300 yet that's a price tag many startups and small business owners can't spend in a crucial time in their business. Therefore, I've priced the 3 hours session at £149 (+VAT). And 10% going to the women of Malawi suffering of HIV but setting up their startups to feed their families.

If you would like me to support you be the Apple of your niche and leverage the power of online marketing, then come join me and let's start transforming your business into a brand your consumers know and love!

Purchase for £149

FAQs (e.g. refunds)

If you're a busy mum or a busy professional, not to worry, I'm also available weekdays or weekends at a time that suits you.

Who am I?

I’m a Qualified Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Consultant and Business Mentor. You may not have heard of me before, as for the last decade I've been behind the scenes making some of the biggest brands in the world look good, from Maserati, Boots to House of Fraser. Also, studying Marketing to become the specialist l am today to serve small businesses, like yours who don't have or want to spend thousands on marketing and aren't being helped to the highest standard for that reason. I believe in this day and age premium marketing consultancy should accessible to every business, no matter the size of your business.

Since a young age, I started and set up several successful businesses with little support due to no finance. As a result, I understand how the battles female-led businesses face and that’s exactly why I combine my expertise and assist women, like you to promote themselves better and grow their businesses online. 

Why is marketing important for your business?

Marketing your business online, also known as, online, digital or internet marketing involves using online services such as Google to Facebook to promote your brand to your target audience. The research highlights the power of online marketing is unstoppable for small business success, for instance, 81% of shoppers conduct online research. The first thing your target audience do when they are thinking or purchasing something is get out their mobiles, go online 'Google it' to check reviews, visit company websites and even find fashion businesses via social media when passing time waiting for a bus. As a result, the research indicates online marketing means you’re more likely to reach your target audience no matter the size of your business and without having to pay thousands, thus making it more important than ever to have an online presence.  

How to I get to you at the masterclass e.g. transport/parking options?

I've deliberately chosen a central London location; Pullman Hotel London St Pancras is a 5-minute walk from Kings Cross St Pancras & Euston. If at Kings Cross/London St Pancras follow the British Library exit signs, turn right onto Euston Road. Walk for 300m past the British Library, the hotel is located 5m on the right. And if coming from Euston Station turn left on Euston Road at the Fire station and follow Euston Road for 600m. The hotel is on your left after Chalton Street. 

What do I need to bring with me to the session?

I like to take the hassle away from my clients so, there's no need to bring a printed ticket. Just bring a form of ID, bank card will do as long as it has your surname on it. And all you need for the session is a pen, paper and social media apps on your mobile (if you have the accounts).  

Don't worry we will be working from my laptop and I will bring any additional printouts for you. If you do forget anything in a rush, it's ok; I always keep spare paper and pens for clients. And don't forget I'll have a call with you before our 1-to-1 masterclass, where can always remind you ;) 

What's your refund policy? 

People call it customer service, I call it, 'treat others how you would want to be treated' - being considerate, fair and kind. As a result, I understand last minute issues can occur and you may need to cancel. If you wish to cancel for any reason, as long as I'm informed within 48 hours prior to your masterclass session, I'll be more than happy to refund. 

Please be aware refunds are not possible 48 hours before the day of your masterclass or after the masterclass. I can promise, you get more than what you pay for but as I'm sure you can understand, l would have carried out the preparation work bespoke to you and your session + paid for my transport to London. Instead, I offer the option of rescheduling as l want you and your business to benefit from the masterclass. 

Purchase for £149