When starting or running your business it can be a challenge and some days you just need someone who understands to talk to and support you through the difficult times. My 1-to-1 meetups do just that over a warm coffee or tea; created for women in business and female-led startups needing a friendly chat to overcome their business challenges and leave feeling motivated. 

All meet-ups are free yet all l ask is a kind donation, which I will double and 100% goes to charity. And don't worry if you can't afford to donate, I understand and don't discriminate - everyone and anyone is welcome to my meetups.

Sarah Khan, Sara K's Meetups


DATE: 20th April 2017

I created Startup Surgery to support business owners who have been in business for under two years and struggling to achieve a consistent income from selling their products/services online or those of you looking to start a business..

The Marketing Meetup

DATE: 18th May 2017

Marketing your business doesn't have to be a chore, nor doe sit have to be overwhelming, stressful or expensive. I support you to overcome your marketing challenges, from help with your website, social media, PR or SEO.