About Me 

I’m a Qualified Marketing Practitioner and Award-Winning Social Media Marketing Expert based in London, who cares about giving business owners and marketing teams the tools to succeed in their roles and careers.

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My Story

Do you struggle with growing your business or excelling in your marketing role? You’re not sure what to do or where to start, your minds blank, you’ve got deadlines to the point you become stressed. You watch YouTube videos by so-called experts to help, you try to understand but it’s confusing. You Google but it’s no luck it’s just overwhelming. You feel as if you are getting nowhere, you question your abilities and you blame yourself for not achieving your goals or targets - it’s a vicious cycle to the point it brings you down mentally affecting your confidence.

I’m an Award-Winning Qualified Marketing Expert and Business Mentor featured in Huffington Post, BBC and Pure London. Sarah Khan, also known as Sara K, has lead marketing projects with global brands such as Volkswagen Group and more recently supported Architects, Corporate Directors, to Vice Presidents from some of the biggest organisations in the world, Google, Vivienne Westwood to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Although it hasn't been smooth sailing, as over the years I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and work stress, which soon impacted my entire life.

At the beginning of her career, I was immersed in the face-paced marketing environment, where I had little or no training and to the frustration of managers. Although, in every role, I remained resilient, determined and progressed to managing global projects and senior roles, without the official title and salary. As a result, I developed training projects to support marketing teams and quadrupling profits, whilst reducing staff turnover and moved on to start her digital marketing consultancy with a difference.

Today I uses her expertise to train professionals and business owners in digital marketing and mentor them to be successful in their careers, businesses and become the nurturing leaders the world needs in the 21st century. As a result of her ventures, Sarah has reached over 325 men and women from across the globe in 180 days.



You may not have heard of me before and that's because I've been behind the scenes working hard in the marketing industry making some of the world's biggest brands in the world look good over the last decade.

Over the 15 years my career has specialised in digital marketing, from delivering marketing training programs to corporates, supporting marketing agencies with social media marketing, helping small businesses with event marketing, mentoring startups to launch to implementing bespoke marketing programs for companies such as, VW Group.


  • Fully-Qualified Marketing Practitioner BA (Hons)

  • Google, Facebook and Twitter Certifications

  • Award-Winning Digital Marketing Expert (We Are The City Sponsored by The Times & Barclays)

  • Business Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation (supporting female entrepreneurs in developing economies)

  • Board Member & Business Advisor at Young Enterprise (UK's leading charity empowering young people to harness business skills)


  • Lead global marketing projects with Maserati, Oxfam, Boots, Volkswagen Group, London Fashion Week, Audi, House of Fraser, Vogue Asia, Europcar, University of Hertfordshire, Wilkinson Sword and Premier Inn to mention a few.

  • Supporting Architects, Corporate Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, CEOs, Surgeons to Luxury Fashion Designers, from Google, Amazon, NHS, Gucci, Deutsche Bank, Vivienne Westwood, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, DKNY, Kurt Geiger and BBC.

  • Served International Startups and Brands from over 20 countries worldwide e.g. UK, Europe, India, China, Indonesia and Australia.

  • Sold out events specialising in starting up, social media marketing and women in business in London.


As a Qualified Marketing Practitioner and Social Media Expert, I've worked for and within private and public sector, from global corporates, SMEs, non-for-profit organisations to digital marketing and PR agencies. 

Business Mentor,
Global Non-for-Profit Experience
Dec 2017 - Present

Board Member & Business Advisor,
Non-for-Profit Organisation Experience
Nov 2017 – Present

Head of Social Media Marketing, 
Fashion Marketing & PR Agency Experience
Jan 2014 – Feb 2017

Digital Strategist & Social Media Specialist, 
PR Agency Experience
Sep 2015 – Dec 2015

Senior Digital Marketing Manager,
Digital Marketing Agency Experience
Mar 2014 – Jun 2015

Ecommerce Manager,
International retail sector Experience
Jan 2014 – May 2014

Market Research & Development Technician, 
Corporate Experience
Mar 2013 – Feb 2014

Head of Marketing Communications & PR,
Public Sector Experience
Jul 2011 – Aug 2012

Global Marketing Programmes & Communications Executive,
FTSE 500 Corporate Experience
Jul 2010 - Aug 2011


I support Architects, Corporate Directors, Vice President, CEOs, Managers, Surgeons to Luxury Designers from some of the biggest companies in the world.


"Sarah is an extraordinary business and marketing expert. She has this natural way of showing you how to start up and grow using social media, she makes even the hardest of marketing tasks easy by breaking it down, making it practical until you have clarity and confidence to do it yourself. And you're never alone, she's more than a expert, she's that loyal expert team member who's 100% behind your ethos and fuels the fire every so often when you really need it."

Wajeeha Amin,


Giving Back

For every session or program sold, clients have helped me support and fund businesses run by women in Malawi suffering from HIV trying to feed their families. A huge thank you to them and all those who have supported me to give back along my journey.