How do I improve my Twitter for my business?


From Donald Trump’s sexist comments, ridiculous racist views and his Oompa Loompa tan you may be wondering how on earth did Trump win? Donald Trump’s secret tactic, his weapon of mass destruction wasn’t biological, chemical or nuclear but digital, Twitter.

Love or hate him, you have to appreciate Donald Trump’s highly strategic approach with using Twitter to assist him on winning those all-important undecided voters that would tip the balance in his favour. And as a business you can use Trumps tactic to win your target audience over and leave your competitors dazed;

1. Lead with Authenticity and Personality

Digital marketing studies highlight social media users true characteristics and personality traits are reflected in their posts and tweets. Well, both candidates’ personalities were definitely prominent throughout their Twitter. 

Hilary Clinton’s Twitter posts were more familiar with what you’d expect to see from a FTSE 500 corporate company; let’s get a team to tweet because we have to win this! The tweets consisted of choreographed, processed and robotic posts created by a member of the team for personal gain with no authenticity, heart or passion. Also, Clinton’s tweets seemed to be guarded as reports suggested during the election phase and it is reflected within her Twitter account. A guarded personality never won any votes yet fosters suspicion and questions to the true agenda. On the other hand, Trump may be known for his direct controversial tweets and his team wasn’t afraid to voice their opinions and direct stabs at his opposition. Although in addition to this, his Twitter oozed his character, personality and convincing authenticity that it was Trump himself tweeting throughout the election. It was similar to a Twitter account you would expect from a social media advocate, who breeds a sense of familiarity with his fans, popularity and trust. 

2. Triumph By Being a Team Player

When sifting through the tweets pre and post election, Hilary Clinton’s Twitter account was in fluxed with self-glorification posts, for example, her team posted images of herself as if she was the centre of attention. The posts reminisced of big brands pushing their ethical activities as a PR stunt to regain an ounce of creditability. In contrast, Trump focused on his supports as if they were his loyal customers, his army of supporter fighting for his cause to 'Make America Great Again!' He ensured his pre-election posts featured his wave of supporters as he toured states n US trying to win votes. 

As Clinton’s tweets reflected desperation for votes, “We have the chance to stand up for the America we believe in. RT this if you’re voting.”.

Trump’s included a team spirit as if supports are in the driving seat of his campaign with first person messages, " =) Thank you Pennsylvania! Going to New Hampshire now and on to Michigan. Watch PA rally here: The big vote tomorrow!”

By Trump’s team sharing images of the supporters, this strategic move reflects a sense of unity and team player to onlookers in return giving the illusion the majority is voting Trump and so should you. It’s an ideal tactic for voters who are undecided because people purchase from the business or in this case, vote for the candidate that seems more popular to them.

3. Tactful Competition Annihilation

Trump was definitely on a mission with his Twitter, several of his tweets were tactfully fired to take down his opponent for complete competition annihilation, "Crooked Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails AFTER they were subpoenaed by the United States Congress. Guilty - cannot run. Rigged system!"

As Trump was out for blood, Clinton rarely put up a fight on Twitter, she threw some jabs but no right hooks, "Women can stop Trump. Here's how:".

Take it from Donald Trump, to be number one take no prisoners and tactfully annihilate your competitors!

4. Elevated Trust and Honour

The nation was divided the tipping point for voters would have been, whom they trust more. Even if Trump's tweets weren’t honest they gave him the benefit of the doubt, for instance, his tweets addressed elements of negativity thrown from his rival. Whereas with four decades serving America, you would expect Hilary Clinton to demonstrate honour better than anyone on Twitter, although apart from some American flags in posts Clinton failed to deliver. On the contrary, Trump’s sentiment for America glimmers through with his #MakeAmericaGreatAgain campaign and tweets recognising the ‘forgotten’ patriarchic American citizens, “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

In addition, it true politician style, Hilary Clinton avoided addressing any allegations put to her making her seem more suspicious to voters. We can use this example within the business, for instance, take a company who is unethical or carried out illegal activity but doesn’t address the issue even when there's proof and avoids it completely even when they have an opportunity to put it right, wouldn’t you be suspicious? The deceiving, dishonour and distrust would have been the nail in the coffin for Clinton with undecided voters.

5. Consistency is Key

The key in any campaign is exhibiting elements of reliability through being consistent. Unlike his competitor, Donald Trump consistently tweeted, not only throughout the campaign but prior. This proved a highly successful tactic to building online presence and momentum leading up to his presidential bid. As a result, overall there was a difference in social media, for instance, take retweets as a successful measurement of sharing the candidate's message, Hilary Clinton inconsistently averaged 2k, whilst lead the Twitter race, consistently averaging 10k retweets, daily. 

Whether you're a business owner, Digital Marketing Manager, Executive or CEO don't fall behind on digital strategy and tactics. As demonstrated they can be pivotal when it comes to delivering your message and achieving your overall goal.

To summarise your social media strategy needs include the following for you to beat your competitors;

5 Ways Trump used Twitter to become President

Why not implement some of Trump's winning tactics you with your social media strategy for 2017 and feel free to share how you got on with me.