How do I beat my competitors?

The Biggest Small Business Challenge

Several studies show businesses like yours are losing money thousands to millions as they aren't utilising online marketing to boost their business.

When delving deeper into the reports one of the main reasons was small businesses lacking the online marketing skills needed to drive their business forward, so l am here to help. 

Social media isn't as hard as it seems, l know you're probably thinking, well that's easy for you to say. Although after helping many businesses who were reluctant to use social media, l can honestly say there is a way forward without the overwhelming stress.

In business we make the challenge seem bigger than it is in our minds, as we have other business things to worry about and naturally as humans, we try to avoid the hurdles in business.

"we try to avoid the hurdles in business".

Let me guess when you think of social media for your business, you don't know where to start. Then your wasting time dwelling on it so you decide it's better to work on something else from your to-do list, something you're more familiar with and can work on without the hassle. And for those of you who finally get around to using social media, you publish a post and it gets no engagement when you review. Damn it another hurdle, why can't it be easier? You're always starting and stopping to the point you get fed up and give up.

Let's put it into perceptive

Do you remember the time you started learning to drive, ride a bike, skate or do your GCSE's? We all start and stalled or made lots of mistakes yet notice how we didn't let it deflate us but our passion and thinking of the end result kept us fired up. Especially with your driving instructor, Dad or teacher by your side to eradicate the problems and soon we were flying high on test day. Finally, we had something that meant a lot, essentially the skills we learned gave us more than freedom but a stepping stone to achieve better prospects for our business and ultimately our end goal. For example, apply for jobs outside of our town to keep a roof over the head of our families, quality time with Dad learning to skate, going to college for a better life and not having to rely on others. Right now online marketing is exactly that for businesses! It's an option to save a business that provides a life of freedom, easy life for a business owner's family and a way to leverage status in a world full of the big boys - without sounding cheesy social media is truly whatever you make of it!

"the new skills we learn give us more than freedom but a stepping stone to achieve better for our business and our end goal".

When we learn something new we aren't used to, we will try to find barriers. I hated school style learning and training at work, boring and not practical at all! Although when l got into the real world of business, l attended marketing events, where l was inspired and realised it didn't have to be boring. As a result, l resigned from my full-time job and started my business and for some there's a fear to do that we learn hot to run our own business and elements of business can seem like a chore. Although the knowledge gave me power, confidence and l had to tools to run a social media brand my consumers value.

"build your business".

Just think as a small business if you have the tools to build your business, gain more consumers and loyal consumers by your side, you will be a force to be reckoned with. You can only be that force by wanting to seek knowledge, learn and overcome the barriers we create in our minds.

Just look at Muhammad Ali, he never let anything stop him even when people were against him. The only one that stops us from being the greatest in business is ourselves. 

All we need is the support to overcome those social media challenges, determination even with the hurdles and the thirst to learn and build your business into a brand for its consumers.