What social media posts should I be publishing for my business?


If you're still struggling with creating awesome social media posts, not to worry I have included some ideas to get you started.

Your businesses tone of voice and personality is very important to creating a powerful brand and overtaking your competitors in the 21st century. Social media provides a great solution as a vehicle to be able to demonstrate that amazing personality and business ethos.

In previous blog post, how to create great social media posts and I know it can be difficult even with the advice given. That's why l created this social media ideas blog post to assist you further if you were struggling. Don't let the minor hurdle stop you from building your business from being great.


Now try and create one personal post during the week, even if it's a snap of your coffee or beautiful view on your way to work, accompanied by even an inspirational quote you want to share with others. In other words, reflecting the teachings of your businesses journey as people really want to know about you and feel free to make it about you, after all, people want to know about people, they want to be loved, liked, understood and not be sold to 24/7.

2. BE KIND and Supportive

Create a helpful top tip post about something your target market (new friends) care about. For instance, if you're a fashion business create a short video on your mobile to share ideas on how you can dress in summer to work with the latest trends. On the other hand, if you're a technology brand you may prefer to review the latest gadgets with your team.

Another golden nugget my client's love is - once in a while, why not offer your time to helping your target market who could be complaining about a Facebook page or Twitter conversation. Once you know what they find difficult why not answer their questions create a quick how-to video if you know your target market are struggling with using Android when they leave iOS. I know, l would have appreciated three quick tips to get me started when l changed from iOS to Android. 

If you help, trust me your target market will remember you and associate you with the solutions to their issues and that's the best place to be. Then when they want to buy something, where do you think they will look or go? You! I won't lie, it does take the time to build that relationship with consumers but once you do, you're in a better position than your competitors. 


If you're a business-to-business organisation your audience may prefer knowledge and facts, so why not try creating digestible information such as, simple infographics to represent a fact related to your industry that affects your industry. If you think of it another way, businesses appreciate it as they didn't have to do the research or search for the fact but you did everything for them, deep down we are all lazy and want everything to is delivered to us, not just consumers but businesses too. And you look like an expert not just in front of other businesses but among your peers. Plus, no business-to-business company has an excuse as you can easily make using Piktochart.

Depending on your business, if you can, combine with a witty as it works for me but be mindful just in case your audience don't have a sense of humour. Although there's nothing wrong with doing things differently and trying things - break the mould as businesses being the different standout the most.

Just remember any opportunity is a social media snapping opportunity. Once you start using it and sharing what works for you and your audience love, you'll use social media more. And at this point, you want to try different posts, see what works.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch l'm more than happy to help.