What top tips would you give to help you create social media posts?


Creating social media content for your business can be a task within itself. You grab the laptop or paper and pen but nothing great translates to screen. It can seem overwhelming to the point you give up!

Well if you tuned into last week's Business Bites, Social Media for Small Businesses you will of discovered social media doesn't have to be a chore anymore. Here're some more secrets to getting you started on a new social media plan that will work.

This week l help you with producing great social media posts your target market will love. And you can use these principles in most of the content you write for online marketing purposes.

Consumer Behaviour

Brands and small businesses don't seem to understand consumers are highly luckily to be on social media to buy products, they are there to connect with friends, get inspiration, connect with people they admire and follow brands they love. However having said that, when consumers are looking to make a purchase they evaluate by thinking about the products they saw on social media when they were casually browsing and saw a person they admire wearing a new trendy jacket they love and visit the brand's website to find out more but hold back from getting their card out as don't need a new jacket just yet. Yes, l need to get through the 20 in my wardrobe. 

Although when they are looking to buy a new jacket, they are thinking 100x faster to find a solution or as l like to call it "scratch that itch" and give into swapping their hard earned cash for more jackets behold that social media interaction paid off! Now you see, social media can have a huge impact on consumers purchasing decisions but trying to sell to them on social media isn't the best strategy for small business.

One way to nurture a relationship with people who could be your target audience is creating great content, social media posts so they notice you and connect with you. Basically, an opportunity to capture their attention, little moments of delight that make them laugh, smile or sad but they remember you. Just try my golden nuggets.


Put yourself in the situation of what you're trying to explain. Even try to give examples e.g. 'They jump from one activity to another, one conversation to another, from who is your favourite superhero to kicking a football in the playground to using YouTube on your mobile.’ Think like the reader!


The best way to sound personable and connect with your audience is to pretend you're talking or writing to a good friend or someone you have great conversations about your expertise. It allows you to writing more invitingly and let the audience feel like your a friend.


Be human and friendly, add personal touches, “Have a great day!”. Just think of it as writing an email to someone in your team, just me it makes the world of difference. The subtle touches in your social media posts actually make the biggest difference.

If we think about how many brands actually care to comment on their loyal consumers day!? They don't because 'it's not the brands tone', so, being human isn't seen highly upon and that's worrying. Although that's something small businesses can capitalise on and really connect with their consumers on that personal level. And when l say personal l don't mean connect with them that it captures their emotional side and not just boring programmed social media posts that every brand seems to be churning out! When people start caring about what you have to say or share they will connect with you. And we need to work for their attention.


Despite people saying this method doesn't work, it will help you creating social media content because until you understand your target audience you can't fully connect with your consumers. And they want businesses to feel like they understand and providing an answer to their wants and needs.

Open your mind, minimise tunnel vision as once you understand what they are thinking you're on your way to connecting with them on a personal level, which is what you want as today's consumers love the exclusive, personal and one-to-one attention. For instance, l like to understand people, how they think and why they do what they do and when I'm blogging l like to sometimes add sentences like ‘I know you’re probably thinking…’. Understand them and let them know you understand. 


Have you ever seen a post on Facebook, no paragraphs and an image when you scroll down? Have you ever finished reading? Well, most people don't as consumers have before lazy and demanding in this digital world. As a result, not only designers but small businesses who use Facebook need to think of new ways to entice consumers to get their eyes and keep them glued to your post.

It's not only images and videos that need to look good but the text needs look visually pleasing. Essentially, what l mean is text needs to be easy on the eyes). If you're using Facebook, use Notes feature (tab), where you are able to write a lengthy piece (similar to a blog). And I'd highly recommend using the format features to make the post look professional and easy to the eye. For example, you can edit text to put headings, titles, bolds, quotes. It actually makes it easier to read with numbers, subheadings and bolds. 

And lastly, the most important words of wisdom, when it comes to creating great content don't over think it, just do it! Don't be afraid to try out different posts and see what works for you.

If you're stuck and need help you can email me directly on email@sarakdigital.com. I'm more than happy to help all you hard-working great British businesses out there.