How do I gain engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You'll hear the usual cheat sheets, hashtags, competitions but it's not necessarily going to get you the quality followers from your target market. That's why I'm sharing some proactive steps you can do on most of the platforms to get noticed by your target audience.

1. Start Listening

To begin with start listening you'll soon know who your potential customers are, your online competitors and their downfalls as well as their strengths. 

The magic of listening is you can not only improve your offering but tailor your product to the consumer. Just imagine how powerful you can be by listening - you'll soon be able to pick out the Influencers, bloggers and advocates of the field.

The way method of listening is using listening tools such as, Hootsuite, which l will help you with using in July.

2. Start Caring

Social media isn't about being tactful, manipulating your consumers to want to make money. Consumers aren't stupid if you're a business that cares about people and wants to provide solutions to their problem they will appreciate it, like you and connect with you. That's why being approachable, friendly and care for people's best interests at heart. 

3. Start Sharing

Social media is one of the only places in the world, where you can share your thoughts. If you think something is amazing or great, thank people and connect with people - trust me they appreciate it. Plus who doesn't love to hear how great they are and share with the world. 

Don't be afraid to show your personality, remember people contact with people. 

4. Start Helping

My best advice is to choose three influencers, three business owners and three causes you love. Oh and ensure they all have to use social media daily and make sure they aren't prima donnas or fame hasn't got to them or they won't bother with you, only the paid work. Engage with your chosen few, it'll help you build relationships with people on social media.

5. Start Conversing

Finally, social media essentially is all about people communicating but be sure not to mistake talking for selling. The key is to talk in conversations where your target market hangs out. I say hang out as that's what people do on social media, it's downtime, they don't want to be sold to.

You may wonder where can l find their conversations, well if you're a beauty or fashion brand it's bloggers conversations or groups. If you're a software or technology company, do some and find out which are the popular online blogs or publications that your target audience love.

If you can master the five mini rules, listening, caring, sharing, helping and conversing you'll be on the right tracks.