My social media followers aren't increasing, what can I do to increase them?


Businesses seem to measure their social media success by followers and post reach whereas, us experts are encouraging businesses to measure their goals with engagement levels such as clicks, shares or comments.

Essentially the impressions include anyone who saw the Twitter post in their feed and this can also be someone scrolling on their notifications feed but they may not necessarily be your potential customer and they may not have even stopped to read our post. As a result, you can understand it's not an accurate measuring metric and if you get excited about increased impressions when you post, impressions will naturally increase as your followers increase as more people see your post. The Twitter feed will feature your latest posts and will be shown to your followers. 

Of course, followers are the easiest metric to measure but do you know who they are? Do you know if they are they your target audience? Just because they follow you doesn't not mean they are someone that would purchase from you. On the other hand, engagement is anyone who interacts with us and our activity including a someone getting in touch via private message, which gives you the opportunity to build a relationship. You get to learn more about your fans, what they like and know more about their needs. 

Let me share a real-life example, I have over 1,260 followers that l accumulated within 14 months but followers can be anyone e.g. a person who isn't my target market or potential consumer but just loving what l do or someone who likes just likes the look of me and wants to follow. Let's be real Linkedin and Twitter is now used for people checking people out and working in a male environment at work you can get a jest of what they use it for ;) Any follow is good to create awareness of your account but it’s not a lead or not a target market l would want to communicate or connect with. As a result, l count engagement as usually only my target market, readers of the blog or when advocates I've been trying to reach engage with me.

From engagement l delve even deeper, I count the brands and experts who have got in touch with me and then funnel down to the various opportunities have arisen from my Twitter account from reporting for the BBC, radio work, partnering national events, invited to Press events and brands wanting my assistance. 

Depending on my social media strategy for the month, 43% of my visits to my fashion blog come from social media others usually can be referrals and mostly SEO. These stats change every month as it all depends on what l have been blogging about that month and sharing on Twitter. All elements of digital marketing should be integrated and go hand-in-hand including SEM/SEO (search engine marketing/optimisation) tactics. 

You can't just jump to selling, research studies show consumers don't trust brands so to begin with one of your objectives or "conversion goal" could be getting people to your website from social media. Bringing them so your site will allow visitors to get to know you better. 

l would recommend leading them to a blog section with meaningful content - remember your not trying to sell but trying to build a valuable relationship. And content is one of the key digital trends so my first recommendation is articles or a blog section which have been a hit in the past with most brands. A blog section works well as it allows you to share posts in the industry you work in and regularly without affecting the look and feel of your main website and allow you to share the real you or brand. It's a platform that if you utilise strategically, there's a wealth of opportunity. 

Furthermore, my recommendation would be to determine businesses goals, work towards them with milestones in place and review website and social page visits.