How can I use social media to promote my business?


If you're a business owner who doesn't want to be close to your consumer but sees social media as a selling opportunity you may need to change your ways before you end up like BHS.

In this day and age to be successful, you may need to try and build your business around your consumer. A business that matters to your consumer does exactly that and it's the brand they will choose even over big brands and your competitors. 

Just think of consumers as people, not pound signs. Humans who want to feel needed wanted, loved and like we are of value and if you can do that for a consumer, similar to being their friend your consumers will stay loyal to your business. Not forgetting to mention your new consumers will want to be a part of your brand. Just put yourself in their shoes, why not act like your consumer for the day immerse yourself in Instagram.

If you think I've gone mad just think about bloggers and ask yourself how did they become more successful than most small businesses and some of the big brands? 

They were all the consumer once, fed up of brands so they decided to take the matters into their own hands as they understood what is what like to be the consumer. As a result, they became a powerful brand but one and be closer to people and an entity even businesses are wanting to collaborate with. 

Bloggers share what mattered to their fans on a medium they used e.g. YouTube. They blog about the latest trends and issues as they take the time to understand their consumers better than brands. They video blog to answer their fans questions, they take time out to speak to their fans and connect with them. Bloggers let their fans in, take their loyal fans on a journey with them and makes them and their fans feel special. Most of all they let their fans into their lives as if they matter and are a part of them, their friends even when they didn't really know them. It's a two-way relationship, give and take and it works!

Some businesses try to avoid this type of consumer relationship as businesses just want money to come with less baggage. Although think again as consumers are changing, they need us and we need them more than they need us. They have options to go off to our competitors and we lose them we are throwing away a piece of our business, after all, business is about providing solutions to a problem. And maybe consumers problem isn't just wanting a product but wanting a business who's a friend who can make them feel good.

Businesses need to be more than just providing a solution to a problem but a lifestyle brand. A brand shaped around the target market. Just think, maybe consumers problem isn't just wanting a product but wanting a business who's a friend who can make them feel good as well as solve their problem. 

We can start by using social media as a vehicle to build a lifestyle around your brand and consumer. The selling side should only be a small part of assisting in the process.

It's not consumers that need to adapt but it's us businesses that need to adapt to our target audience.