What is branding?


You may be thinking, why is my business not gaining enough sales, well, consumers can’t tell the difference between one businesses' offering to another. Branding is one of the answers to setting yourself apart from competitors. 

The days are gone when branding was only for the big brands. To transform your business into a brand people know and love first, we need to look at branding itself.

What is branding?

  • Branding is an essentially a process, which enables a business to give their business a personality, character and create meaning. It allows you as a business owner to create an emotional connection with customers as creating an emotional connection is a proven way of building strong relationships with your target audience. For instance John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Unilever do wonderfully in their TV advertising. 
  • Branding is not only logo, website, flyers, social media but includes slogan e.g. Tesco's, Every Little Helps to your tone of voice in your marketing.
  • Best branding is consistent throughout it's channels for example, visuals and typography and images similar to when you see McDonald’s, Waitrose or Starbucks and know it's them. You don’t have to be a big business with big budgets to be able to brand, for instance, you can tell a Mercedes-Benz from a Vauxhall and when people will want the latest technology, such as the newest Apple mobile or tablet it's all branding! Furthermore, people can be a brands too the Kardashians are the perfect example.

Why does my business need to BE a brand?

  • In this day and age with all the marketing messages consumers are being bombarded with it is a very noisy industry in every sector, as a result it is becoming difficult to reach your potential customers.
  • You want your business to have a personality and stand out from the crowd in their industry. Most of all have the edge over your competitors, so consumers pick you over their offering over your competitors.
  • You also need to brand to create a strong relationships with customers and potential customers, as once you do that they will value you more and come back every time.

When should I start branding my business?

  • It's never too late, if you’re a startup it’s one of the first things you do once you have realised the industry, product and market research.
  • If you’re a business but finding it hard to grow your business or having issues differentiating itself from others who sell similar products. 
  • When your website or brand is dated to it's target audience, for instance, your consumer's personalities and needs changed they aren't the same at 16, 26 or 46. While the statistics highlight consumers trust businesses with professional look and feel, maybe the time is now. You may be small but think big and act like a big brand when it comes to branding.

Where and how Do I brand my business?

  • You can do it yourself but you have to have a good eye for design and be aware of trends e.g. best practice with website. Branding agencies, freelancers offer branding services yet it can be costly but whatever you decided l'd definitely advice getting an experts opinion and getting quotes.
  • Have an idea of logo, colours and know your brand.
  • Implement on website, social media and any touch points, anywhere a customer can get to you e.g. social media to SEO.

If you have any questions or branding challenges, please feel free to get in touch with me.