Why use bloggers and social media influencers when promoting my business?


A study featured in The Guardian reported how commuters in London see on average 100,000 advertising messages on just one day’s journey. And when the commuters were asked, which advertisements they recalled only one to two advertising messages came to mind and the ads that were most relevant to them. Due to the ineffectiveness of traditional advertising, many marketers shifted to online media channels over the last few years. As a result, we are now slowly landing in a similar predicament with online channels such as social media.  As a result of social media’s rising popularity, it has not only become easier to advertise due to the overall low costs compared to TV advertising but becoming increasingly difficult to target consumers with the noise of businesses and brands fighting over each other to be heard. 

You may be wondering what is the solution and how you can build a brand in a busy marketplace! Well, advocates (experts in the field such as bloggers or topic leaders) are a group of people who can help you  in the fasting moving digital world. After all the best advocates are passionate about business and genuinely support brands, not for financial gain but assisting in improving the brands on offer for customers. In addition, the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) believes influencers can not only help spread your message but assist in building your knowledge within the field, thus supporting you become an expert brand. 

Also, recent studies have shown most consumers don’t trust brands,  they believe brands are always trying to sell them their products or spamming, on the other hand, Nielsen reported 92% of consumers trust advocates. If you're wondering why you just have to look online to notice advocates create, curate and connect twice as more meaningful content tailored especially for their audiences. Furthermore, advocates build a relationship with their followers and readers, which gives them an upper hand to understanding consumer needs and becoming trusted sources in the average consumers eyes.

British online fashion store, ASOS used brand advocates to anchor their sustainable campaign as a result, the online platform had 7,500+ positive brand mentions in 3 months. And Brand mentions drove reach, resulting in a 600% rise in spontaneous quotes and 800% growth in website traffic referrals. Essentially the content shared by advocates encouraged shares and retweets. As a result, it has an impact on the reach of the campaign message and brand presence. 

It is essential to building a strong relationship with brand advocates as they have an incredibly large influence on a platform such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.