Do you have social media tips for small businesses?


You know your business and industry inside out, although not marketing your business and that's absolutely normal. 

If you don't have social media account and wondering why you need one for your business, not to worry, To be, or not to be on social media, that is the question blog post it the perfect place to start. On the other hand if you have a social media account for your business but you don't know what to do with it or where to start with utilising it to reach your target audience, I've got some simple tips to help you.

Let's get started

It's been a long day, you're already exhausted but you know you have to do the social media task for your business account. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or if you have several social media accounts my best advice is to focus on one, to begin with. Not only because it’s overwhelming but focusing will help you master the art of social media. Let's start with Facebook as it does not limit to characters like Twitter where most businesses find that challenging. And Instagram can wait as you're more luckily to focus on the quality of images and Snapchat try to create videos. Facebook allows you to work on all media you will need for all the other platforms it's like reading and writing we have to start with the basics. 

From speaking to hundreds of small businesses these are my three quick top tips to get you started with using social media;

1. Time Management

From experience helping clients and reading studies businesses that make time, plan ahead, implement their social media plans and stick to it are more luckily to succeed with reaching their goals on social media. As a result, I advise my clients to find some time in their schedules every week to get social on social media.

Even an hour, one on Tuesday morning and maybe one on Thursday in the afternoon is a great place to start to ease you in. 

Action: Add a social media hour in your weekly schedule.

2. Create an Agenda

Another dreaded factor for small businesses can be knowing how to make the most of that hour. Start by noting down on a sheet of plain paper, what you want to achieve within the hour? Why not begin with an outline of what you want to achieve e.g. one of your most important goals of getting your business on social media. 

For the first week of your new social media plan, your goal could be researching competitors social media accounts or branding your social media channel. My best advice as a social media specialist is to try to avoid goals relating to followers as there are other more important goals you need to accomplish e.g. create business awareness, which many businesses miss out and fail when using social media to reach their target audience. 

To begin with the goals need to be achievable, for instance spend 30 minutes engaging with publications or target audience and 15 minutes practising creating posts or crafting images for Instagram are more realistic. If you're new to Facebook or haven't done this before, I'd suggest 30 minutes research your competitors and how they use social media to their advantage.

Action:  Brainstorm tasks you will do in the hour to make your social media account better than your competitors and prioritise the important tasks.

3. Just go for it! 

Finally, last but certainly not least, many business owners I come across overthink social media and end up avoiding it completely as it's never the right time to post. Whereas others overthink the posts or don’t think and put out selly posts. Just bare in mind users try to avoid as they are on Facebook to connect with friends or as research highlights, pass time as they wait for a bus or their favourite program to start. 

And for overthinking... Just go for it! Don't overthink social media, it's a bit like driving it will come over time but first, you need to get you comfortable in the driver's seat. This means figuring out how your competitors, target audience use social media, how everything works and how to create awesome posts e.g. creating/crafting posts as there is an art to the best posts. If you start now, you can make mistakes and no-one will know. The silly posts can be deleted later, it's a learning process to see what your target audience react to! It sets you up for success. 

Action: Create posts! Don't overthink, under think or under estimate social media! Balance it, see what works for you, no-one will judge you. Plus practise makes perfect! 


If you're having social media challenges with your business, I'm accessible just book some time in with me for a chat over Skype. Don't worry it's free! I believe in experts being accessible and free advice for small businesses.