How do I reach my target audience?


To understand you target audience you must get into their minds and to do that I share a simple story that will help you.

I sat to enjoy a home brewed coffee and refine my marketing strategy on my laptop ready to work and that’s when l realised the wifi hadn’t kicked in. Then after meddling with my phone to see if l was going mad, my father said the dreaded words, ‘The internet isn't working, not since the morning’. 

I replied in astonishment, 'The internet’s not working?!!!’. At first, l thought he was joking yet his tone of voice seemed as if he was frustrated himself as he flicked through the tv channels to find someone to do till it was back on. Once it sank in, no internet!! l started thinking it's the 21st century and we have no internet (Gordon Ramsey going nuts moment). I rolled my eyes and l started to feel annoyed like a child throwing her toys out of the pram and I'm a grown woman (yes, l still live with my parent's it's an Asian thing). It's as if my day had come to an end even before it started. Just as l came home early to finish off my work. Luckily, l didn’t need the internet for any looming deadlines as there was no coffee shop near me was going to be open at midnight. 

Need My Fix

l started doing some work on the laptop and every so often I'd start typing into chrome search bar and realising the internet isn’t working! Then as l went for a break l reached for the TV to watch some Netflix and realised again the internet isn’t working! It was muscle memory and soon realised the internet was my addition a habit l couldn't shift. I'd become an Internet Addict! I didn't care if it came in a wi-fi syringe format. 

I actually got desperate for my high l got my mobile with my 1 GB data plan, which l rarely use l started tether from my phone. O2 was the dealer at hand, came to the rescue and insanity was restored.

Internet Bedtime Ritual

Even my bedtime routine was ruined as l usually like to check my emails and social media. And l didn’t like the sound of my data plan running out and being out without any data. It’s a worse feeling than being at home with no internet connection, where there are no dealers around!

Morning After

The next day l woke up, first thing was to check if the internet was working. I couldn’t help but walk up to my mother and father and make a joke out of it and played up grasping, ‘Mum, Mum the internets not working! Little did she know the joke was actually serious too. I said, 'You can take my food; stop the heat or electricity but not the internet!!!! Dad, dad what are we going to do!!’

My Mother would usually laugh and tell me don’t worry it’ll be back, yet this time, she understood it was nearly nine hours without it and she asked, you sure have you checked again, call them. And for once my father calm reverting back to boring Sky TV flicking through channels. Every 30 minues checking and asking ‘Internet working again! You called Virgin! Call Virgin!! Can l use my phone for the internet??’

Virgin Media Man to the Rescue

Then that’s when the man of the moment came, maybe not like lighting bolt sadly but tall dark and handsome most would say in his orange hi-vest jacket. Madam your Internet is working again yet we still have some issues with some cable! I just couldn't stop thanking him as if he had saved my life, brought me an Audi R8.


Now you may be thinking this woman's mad, well, imagine having no internet connection when you need for your business and time that by 10,000. Being in my mid 20's l just about remember dial-up folks.

What did we learn? Well, firstly I need a new dealer for my fix! And l can tell you now Richard Branson won't be the next internet Cartel (we always have issues with the internet connection). Although on a serious note the biggest learning to take away for businesses is to get in the mind of us crazy internet addict consumer and understand the internet has become a necessity, a habit and we are hooked! We rely on more than electricity, heat or food.

Even if you aren’t like me when the internet goes down, whether your consumers are 26 or 76  truth is many people are addicted once they discover the greatness of the internet. 

When 4G or 3G isn't available, forget 'buffer face' we need another high!!! You can’t live without and can’t imagine your life without it!!!