What is email marketing and why do it for my business?


Is there a brand you admire that you follow? I've probably put you on the spot but that brand is similar to a website you constantly visit but you wouldn't mind receiving some updates now and again to stay informed. Well, when consumers love a brand they want to stay informed.

Even if you can't relate to it as a business owner as your too busy to follow brands you love, consumers are obsessed with the latest gadgets, car news, sports, fashion beauty or latest lifestyle news. Even updates from magazines, news or people e.g. bloggers and brands they love. It's a great way to keep your consumers engaged and connected to your business.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing can't begin till you have a stash of emails of your consumers, people who have shopped with you in the past or potential customers. And they would have given you permission to add them to your subscriber list and it needs to be clear to them they are subscribing to your email list e.g. if you're exhibiting at an event they can sign up on a sheet of paper with their email. Alternatively, they can do it online too for instance, on your website, blog or Facebook page (option can be added) they can sign up by popping in their email in a field that tells them they can subscribe to your newsletter. You can find am an example at the bottom of this page "Subscribe". 

It allows consumers the option to stay informed, especially if it's linked to the businesses services, for example, my blog helps small businesses and they may need further advice or want to stay in the loop as it's very useful and doesn't want to miss out. In return, it allows the business to send useful or interesting information their community would like to hear about.

Once you have a list of these emails rather than send emails one by one and forget to send emails every fortnight, email marketing comes in. You can automate and simply design your email (make your emails look sexy) with you business branding (logo and images). It's very simple, quick and easy to get started and l would highly recommend to businesses to build long-term valuable relationships with their target audience. It's one step closer to a loyal consumer, similar to Apple lovers who religiously update their Apple devices. You don't need lots of money but start thinking of building relationships and keeping them. It's just like making new friends and most importantly, keeping them. Fans become friends who trust you over others in your field and imagine if they were your target audience they would come to you.

Why does my business need to do email marketing?

  • You can connect with your loyal readership, fan base and build a long-term relationship. 
  • Send an email in one go of a new product, event or news or just to help people. It's a more personal way of connecting with people.
  • It's free! And the key to retaining the attention of your fans and consumers. It's attention you've earned, so make the most of it.

When should I do email marketing?

  • When you have new product, event, competition or help people they need to share with their people.
  • When you have a list of emails where people want to keep updated e.g. magazine gossip or loyal lovers of your fashion brand e.g. Celeb Boutique. 
  • Haven’t sent something in a while, find an excuse to connect with people but not because you have to but you want to e.g. good competition is healthy.

Where do I do email marketing?

One email marketing platform businesses, professionals and agencies use is Mailchimp. Mailchimp is free, simple to use and not difficult to get started.

How can I do email marketing for my small business?

You just need to think about the design, branding, tone of voice and add personal touches. Don't see it as a sales pitch, see it as an email to your friends, loyal fans and try to give back.

I will be sharing the secret to starting and creating the best email marketing for businesses, just subscribe below so you don't miss it. Alternately, if you have any questions or need help, feel free to get in touch.