Why and when should I create a marketing strategy for my business?


You've tried various marketing methods such as, email marketing, social media marketing and trying to optimise your website but nothing seems to be working. Your no closer to an increase in business sales. 

You keep hearing marketing strategy but it sounds like a big task and as a small business, you haven't got the time. Well, I'm here to make marketing strategies easier for you. They don't have to be a big task and not as complicated as they sound. 

What is a marketing strategy?

Without a strategy, it's a bit like doing business in the dark and driving round the M25 or on a train not knowing where you're going or where you’re going to stop off for a break. What if your car broken down or there’s train issues? You need to be ready and prepare for obstacles, indicate milestones that tell you, you're on the right track. Also, a strategy can help, as it will allow you to foresee marketing risks, avoid them and foresee any financial instability you may hit on the way.

A marketing strategy is similar to a plan or more of a breakdown of tactics that tell a business or it's owner who they are going to get to their final destination, similar to a road map. It follows the same principles of  a business strategy, however, it focuses solely on the marketing. It usually includes your short-term and long-term goals, for example, a marketing strategy is a documentation or XLS of where you want your business to go and how you are going to get there.

Why does my business need a marketing strategy?

  • Not only does it provide a sound structure for your marketing ideas but acts as a guide when you lose your way with your marketing.
  • Marketing strategy acts as a great communication map if you have other people in your company or you use Freelancers or hire Interns. It allows other team members to be on the same page and drive to the same destination. For instance, they know the bigger picture, so they can help you get to your goal faster and deliver a the best marketing communication piece with your sound guidelines.
  • It allows you to be ready and prepare for obstacles, indicate milestones that tell you, you're on the right track. Also, a strategy can help as it will allow you to foresee marketing risks, avoid them and foresee any financial instability you may hit on the way. 
  • You can create an effective marketing campaign and integrate your brand communications through all the channels you use and keep them consistent, thus creating a bigger bang. Take Mercedes or Apple's as great examples they launch a new product and their tv ads, social media ads, product page on the website and newspaper ads for the product is consistent from the look and feel of the images to the message itself (tone-of-voice). As a result, their consumers visual their products when they are in the purchasing stage. 
  • Picture a marketing strategy as a layer of the foundations of your business, you can't grow a business if no-one knows about you. If you don't have a good plan (strategy) you'll just be working away but you'll notice why isn't any of the marketing working. With a marketing strategy foundation, you should be able to find the issues easily, implement effective solutions and work on the areas that are aren't working.  A strategy is the secret.

When should my business need to develop a marketing strategy?

  • If you don't a marketing strategy, not to worry it's not only for when you start your business. You can develop anytime, not just new products or services.
  • If you use an expert or agency for marketing they should be able to help too. Most certainly they should have created a simple one before winning you as a client and developed it when they won your business.
  • You could have elements of a marketing strategy is your business plan and not even know it. And you may just need to add a social media strategy or want to refine your original one by adding or updating sections. After all in the business and digital marketing world, things change rapidly and you need to keep up with consumers. 
  • You may need to develop a strategy because you're changing directions in your business or adding a new product or service to the business.
  • You can genuinely start today, it's not as difficult and as tedious as it seems.

Where and how do I create a marketing strategy?

You can simply create on in a spreadsheet or a document format, whichever you prefer. I'm sure you're now thinking, ok but where do l start Sara. Just get your business plan out and brain dumps the aim of why you are marketing and the products or services you offer. It’s a bit like road mapping.

I will be creating and sharing a marketing strategy 6-week program with free templates at your disposal very soon. Just subscribe to stay informed, meanwhile if you have any questions or need help with your strategy get in touch