Which social media platform is best for your small business, the statistics?


Facebook’s UK Demographics

You won't be surprised to hear Facebook has a mixed bag of personalities and behaviours of their users and it is understandable as billions of users all over the world. 

The Facebook demographics are as follows;

  • 49% are male users and 51% female.
  • 2.5 million of 13 to 17-year-olds using Facebook.
  • 26% of users still in the 25-34 age demographic. 

Twitter's UK Demographics

Twitter is similar to Facebook when it comes to gender usage however, Twitter is slightly more tilted to more under 34's using the platform. And it's rare to be able to have one-to-one contact with experts but from personal experience, you can always find industry experts on Twitter, which is a 'Brucey' bounce for small businesses trying to get their business in front of publications and industry experts.

The Twitter demographics are as follows;

  • Over 65% of Twitter users are under the age of 34.
  • 49% males and 51% females.

Instagram's UK Demographics

The dominant gender on Instagram is females. Instagram has taken over female's lives, with the selfie generation living on Instagram.

  • 90% of UK Instagram users are under 35.

Pinterest's UK Demographics

Another female favourite platform is Pintrest. A social media study highlighted creative people use Pinterest the most with popular Pins being home decor, fitness, food and fashion lovers.

  • 62% of users female, and 38% of users male.

Google+'s UK Demographics

And now the gents, whilst women are on Instagram and Pinterest being creative or selfing away the males prefer Google+. A recent study shows tech lovers, engineers, developers and designers prefer Google+. I'm not supraised as most young males prefer to be inquisitive, similar to having the newest gadgets, software and mobile they are open to experimentation and trying out giant, Google's platform. 

The Google+'s demographics are as follows;

  • 63% of Google+ users are male, and 37% female.
  • 41% of Google+ users are 18-24 age group.
  • 29% of users are 25-34 age group.

Linkedin Demographics

Linkedin is known to be a business-to-business social media platform and perfect for professionals and businesses alike.

The Linkedin demographics are as follows;

  • 21% of users under the age of 35.
  • 79% of users are males.

And if you want to make the most of social media for your business, here's how to get started.