Why is it important to create a social media strategy for my business? | Chapter 2


I could bore you with a complicated answer to what social media strategy is and why your business needs it, in that patronising tone but that's what you already read on most websites and articles before you got here right? 

Well, you'll be glad to know l like to do things differently, you'll be sure to leave wide awake and ready to create your own mini social media strategy but to really understand what is it let's imagine...

Let's put it into perspective

It’s a cloudy day; you’ve got a list to tasks to get through and a meeting in the afternoon not forgetting to mention responding to a list of emails. As you look out the window all you can think about is your next holiday break; you’ve got a list of destinations and you've decided to just go for it as you need something to look forward to. After half a day of searching, consulting friends on What's App and your trusted friends, Google and TripAdvisor you book it – five nights in sunny Spain. It takes a few days to plan the whole holiday but it's not too long till it's all sorted even the packing is all underhand. You're fully prepared with the hotel booked with breakfast in bed, transport sorted and the list of must-see locations.

Hopefully, you're not asleep and still with me. My point? Well, notice how we meticulously plan our holidays yet 51% small businesses in the UK don’t plan to achieve success in their own business, which pays the bills and those mini breaks you yearn for all year round.

What if we had a similar plan but for your business, which includes a breakdown of itinerary telling you as a business owner how your business can be successful in the coming months and then all year round. From selling your new service or product, establishing your online presence to leading influencers and bloggers wanting to feature your business in their publication. A simple map that tells you where and how to get people coming to your brand rather than the competitors and attaining new customers with a backup plan if your business doesn't look like it's going to hit it's monthly targets. A plan to build the foundations of your business, which you planned all by yourself and it didn't take long once you invested your time in it.

Did you ever come to think you should be feeling the same holiday excitement but in your business too, yet you’re not because of those business barriers. You should feel like you’re on holiday every day but just without that golden tan, although you’ll have something better that thriving inner energy all year round. 

Why is a social media strategy important to your business?

A social media strategy is the foundations, similar to a strong foundation of a house. The basics consist of five elements, master the five and your on the right tracks for a successful social media channel your target audience  love.

Figure 1. Above is a social media structure to succeed pyramid.

Figure 1. Above is a social media structure to succeed pyramid.

A recent study reports a staggering 88% of small businesses in the UK do not have a digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, with 5.2 million consumers actively using social media, small businesses are losing out on thousands of pounds of revenue. In addition, another study found larger businesses were more luckily to have strategies in place for their companies and these larger businesses’ financial success is proven to be linked to developing such marketing strategies. You may think, bigger companies have the manpower, time and finance to work on social media strategies but truth is you don't need much at all including time yet the commitment to wanting to improve your business.  

If social media platforms were destinations, they would be the most popular holidays in the world; we would all want to get on board the plane. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have more users than some of the largest populated countries in the world and if you as a business took advantage of social media with a strategy in place you would be much more successful with holidays booked most weeks.

It sounds like a big task and as a small business, you haven't got the time and you associate strategy with the big organisations right? I'm here to help and show you it doesn't have to be a big task and not as complicated as it seems. 


Let's do it together! I've created a video and podcast to do just that in the next part of your strategy task, chapter 3.