Why is using social media is crucial to marketing my business?


It’s astonishing to hear companies are missing or mishandling 80% of opportunities to connect with customers. Surely a missed opportunity equals lost revenue? 

Well, that can all change if organisations become customer focused. Marketing experts believe the present digital marketing trends all involve an aspect of social media.

"We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it" – quoted by Erik Qualman encapsulating the power of social media. 

You only have to look at recent statistics to see social media has become a mainstream medium and more effective when wanting to reach a wider audience. For instance, the UK has more Facebook users than the population of Australia (31 million). Linkedin is responsible for 64% of visits to corporate websites from any social media site. And if we look at our own attitudes, we don't watch TV like we used to but with a laptop or smartphone at hand or Netflix with no annoying adverts. 

As social media platforms evolve and customer behaviour changes, it’s not enough to know which platforms your target audience spends most of their time. More importantly, we need to understand how, why and when they use social media. By understanding how they consume social media, only we are then able to create compelling marketing messages specifically tailored to them. For example, Twitter announced almost half of its users worldwide prefer to read, rather than send out tweets themselves and people who positively interact with businesses are twice as luckily to purchase from them. These facts alone could be an ideal opportunity for brands to post interesting questions to engage with audiences and stimulate dialogue. 

Furthermore, businesses who utilise social media around their consumers are seeing a significant return on investment long term as they build relationships with their customers. And it’s perfectly demonstrated by social success brand, Yo! Sushi. For example, Yo! Sushi was named top in the restaurant sector by Marketing Week for excellently connecting with customers and gaining their trust. The CEO of Yo! Sushi credited the success to social media as it allowed the brand to develop a voice to communicate and, more importantly, listen to their target audience. With an astonishing 150,000 Facebook fans, 50,000 Twitter followers and loyal customer base Yo! Sushi can’t be wrong in their approach.

It's apparent social media can be an ideal solution to bridge the gap for companies trying to be customer focused. Social media is the anchor for customer engagement and by incorporating social media into our marketing strategies, we can open the world to endless possibilities.

In conclusion, it’s more important than ever to embrace social media. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t get away from the social media revolution.