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Let Yourself Grow, Half-Day Workshop, Empowering Women

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Do you feel as if you're capable of more in life, from your relationships to career or business yet nothing seems to be going your way? You have a vision yet you compare yourself to others, marriage, kids etc to the point you overthink, over-rationalize and worry too much.  You doubt yourself, scared of failing, being rejected, avoid dating apps and as a result, you seem to sabotage yourself leaving yourself feeling worthless, devalued, unappreciated, unloved and with low self-esteem.

Did you know most extraordinary women, like you, sabotage themselves in all areas of our lives, from our careers, business, with friends, family or in love and end up giving up. Although there is a way to break the pattern and negative patterns by fighting self-sabotage behaviour in your life by letting yourself grow. 

Workshop Overview

In this exclusive thought-provoking half-day workshop worth £249, I (your host, Wajeeha Amin) will lead you on a special journey of deep and powerful exercises to identify self-sabotage. And how to practically overcome it and get you closer, than ever, to make your vision a reality.

I support you to stop overthinking, minimizing, compromising, avoiding, overanalysing, generalising, over pleasing, victimising and over controlling. Ultimately, I empower you by giving you the tools to eliminate destructive processes and start living a purposeful life.

  • Understand self-sabotage and how it's based on survival 
  • Identify and unlock how you are sabotaging yourself
  • Discover your fundamental patterns of self-sabotage
  • Explore the steps to overcoming self-sabotage and re-wire your brain
  • Master uncertainty and taking control of your life in your personal and professional relationships, and thrive in life

The workshop session will give you the valuable insights to help you on your journey and most of all the tools you need in order to realize how you can get unstuck and move beyond your fears. 

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Know how to re-wire your brain in to thrive not just survive 
  • Understand why you choose to sabotage yourself and the purpose it serves
  • Know how to hear the inner voice that is stopping you from daring and doing
  • Understand why you are afraid of making decisions 
  • Understand why you feel afraid of others or off failure 
  • Know how to recognise and deal with the challenging emotions of your Inner voice 
  • Tackle how to build a new, bold, more motivational and positive thinking 

But not only that! 

  • You will gain back your confidence, certainty and your self-acceptance!

Oh, and teas, coffees and cakes will be provided.

Book Your Place Today

You are good enough, and it's time to put yourself and your needs first and I'm here to make sure you won't be left behind anymore. 

It all starts with taking that first step so defeating self-sabotage behaviour, book now for only £79.

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