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Startup Business Lounge: Fighting Your Fears

  • WeWork, Old Street 41 Corsham Street, Hoxton London N1 6DR SE1 3UN (map)
Women's Business Lounge Event London

After a sellout of the lounge events, I'm exclusively running more for only a handful of women who are passionate about starting or growing their business. If you're finding starting or marketing your business overwhelming and would love some inspiration and motivation over coffee. Even though it states fashion, the meetup is open to startups and businesses in any industry, as the advice can be applied to any small business.

Most of you will understand this month's theme; fighting your fears so that you can take those critical next steps to build your business into a brand. As promised, you will get expert advice to break the barriers and to make you feel at home and a part of a team, it's a space to open up and share your journey with women in the same shoes as you. No sales people, no awkward silences with people you don't know or that uncomfortable feeling.


The Lounge

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The Lounge

It can be highly competitive to start or grow a business in any industry, unless you have the specialist skills, contacts or thousands of pounds, marketing your business is near enough impossible. It can seem overwhelming to the point you start giving up and it can affect your self-esteem, consume your life and cause stress affecting your health and wellbeing. I'm a Qualified Marketing Practitioner and Social Media Specialist on a mission to provide women with the skills, and confidence to break the barriers to a purposeful life.

We come together to tackle your initial business challenges and leave feeling motivated, so you can tackle your business hurdles with confidence. Of course, you will get time to wind down after a long day, meet other inspirational ladies in the same shoes as you and put you in the best position for long-term business success.

I've deliberately chosen WeWork, we have a private room - it's a relaxing environment, where you can unwind after a long week and literally feel at home. No-one's being left out, I'll make sure of that! I will be there to meet every one of you personally and make you feel apart of the team.

Our Plan For The Evening

6:30pm to 7pm - Grab a drink, meet and greets
7pm to 7:30pm - Begin: Introductions and let's chat!
7:30pm to 8:15pm - Fun activity to break your barriers
8:15pm to 9pm - Let's talk and networking

Book Your Place Today

You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your future investment, yourself and your business? 

There are only 10 places, so be sure to book your space today. The tickets are only £10.

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I genuinely look forward to supporting you to become the Chanel of your niche.