Instagram Marketing Blueprint 2019: Build A Brand & Grow Your Followers

1-to-1 Masterclass With London’s Leading Instagram Expert

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After a year of sell-out events, I'm offering a handful of individuals the opportunity to gain access to a 1-to-1 session with me, a Qualified Social Media Marketing Expert (worth £549+). In this practical session, I coach you to grow your Instagram followers, engagement and transform your account into the Chanel of its niche using my award-winning Social Media Marketing Blueprint for 2019 at Drake & Morgan, King's Cross St Pancras, London.

As an Award-Winning Qualified Social Media Marketing Expert (BA Hons), I meet people with extraordinary ideas/collections yet they find it an absolute nightmare getting their head around how to use Instagram when growing their Instagram to promote themselves and progress in your fashion career or generate sales for your fashion business. Unless you have connections or a secret stash of cash to spend on social media marketing, building your business or career can be overwhelming to the point you do not pursue your vision. Especially as Instagram has made some changes (to the algorithm), making it harder than ever to gain followers, engagement and get noticed. That's why I am here to help with the new Instagram blueprint, I've done all the work, so you don't have to.

Whether you're a startup, designer, fashion student, blogger, business owner or an individual wanting to pursue a career in fashion, I am here to mentor you to promote and market yourself or your business with this practical 1-to-1 session designed just for you to make it happen in 2019.

This year I’ve supported Architects, CEOs, Corporate Directors, Managers, Luxury Fashion Designers, Surgeons to Vice Presidents from some of the biggest organisations in the world and I'm opening it up to exclusively to you.



The Masterclass is bespoke to you but if you don't know what help you need or where to start, do not worry as prior to any 1-to-1 session I arrange a call with you to get to know you, understand your needs and create the structure for your masterclass.

During the session, I will provide you with a blueprint, and break down what it takes to transform your account into a powerful brand on Instagram and it includes the following;

  • I will show you the tips and techniques to increase followers and engagement, including likes and comments.

  • I will give you Instagram posts I've created just for you of what you should post on Instagram for your business and demonstrate how to easily create professional posts that create credibility and get ahead of your competitors.

  • I will support you with your messaging, by working with you to write in captions and feel more comfortable when posting.

  • I share an effective Instagram plan to help you with what time to post, when to post and how to post, including secrets to saving you time and hassle with free platforms you can use.

  • Including secret marketing techniques to connecting and getting attention from your target audience, industry experts and bloggers, with practical templates designed for you.

  • And how to advertise on Instagram to have a better chance of gaining sales and campaign ideas to boost brand awareness.

More importantly, I take the stress out of Instagram, the fear out of failure and support you to grow your account confidently in 2019.

After Support

All 1-to-1 Masterclasses include a followup session for a catchup, further support, and help with the next steps.


"I went to the Masterclass expecting to have an informative session on Instagram, instead, I received more than I paid for. It was a masterclass, a coaching session rolled in one and, towards the end, I felt I was talking to a friend who has my best interest at heart. I totally and utterly recommend her! If you use social media, go to one of Sarah's Masterclasses, you will thank me in the end." - Laura Mariani, Corporate Director & The People Alchemist.

"Sarah goes above and beyond to get to know you, your why and leads you to reach your business goals. She's that driving instructor who's not only determined to help you to pass and keep you safe but made social media fun and exciting (rather than something I'd been dreading and fearing). She broke it all down for me until it made total sense. She pointed out the blind spots that I had missed, she said try this and try that. She gave me some vital tools of the trade, which meant I could hit the road running and go it alone once I felt confident enough. She taught me how to drive not only a car but a HGV! She's passionate, dedicated, extremely talented and a valued member of my business. Sarah comes with my highest recommendation." - Wajeeha Amin,

"I can't thank Sarah enough for everything she has done to help my new business startup. I couldn't have done it without her! She's been an amazing mentor from branding, creating my website to social media marketing. I've seen such a difference with my Instagram already, sales have quadrupled and it's only been a week since she helped me to implement what I'd learned - how to get more exposure and engagement!" - Ani, Founder & CEO,

Book Your Place

You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your future investment, yourself and your business? Don't procrastinate, book your place today and you'll save over £2500 on startup fees from agencies and experts. 

I genuinely look forward to meeting and supporting you to become the Apple of your niche.

1-to-1 Masterclass (2hrs) for Only £249


What's Unique About This Masterclass?

  • Access to a Fully-Qualified Digital Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Specialist & Business Mentor

  • Delivered by an industry expert, who has over 15 years of experience working with global brands

  • Practical session with personalised templates and guides to support you

  • Bespoke Masterclass tailored to you and your business needs, with follow-up aftercare support

  • You're saving hundreds to thousands (estimated saving of £997+)

Is this Masterclass fit for me?

Every Masterclass is one-to-one support and bespoke to you. If you are unsure if this masterclass is for you or have any questions, let's have a chat 07511 273 141.

Why don't you offer refunds?

The session is bespoke to you, due to the prior preparation and extra time is taken to design a session just for you sadly refunds are not possible. Although, I understand something urgent could come up, so I offer rescheduling option.

What if I can't do the day or time you have selected?

That's no problem, please get in touch and I can schedule you in on a day that works for you

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