The Women's Network London: Strive, Thrive & Lead Meetup

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After selling out in 2018, we're running more Strive, Thrive and Succeed Meetups. Come and join us, be a part of a community where well-being comes first, but we support you to take control, succeed in every area of your life in 2019 from career, relationships, health, love and live a fulfilled life.

Date, Time & Location: Wed 24th Jul 2019, 6:30pm at WeWork, Fox Court. 14 Grays Inn Rd, Holborn, London WC1X 8HN.

We understand most extraordinary women, like you, sabotage themselves in all areas of our lives, from our careers, business, with friends, family or in love and end up giving up. Although there is a way to break the pattern and negative patterns and we are here to support you every step of the way for you to be that woman you vision and deserve to be.

Plus we know how tough it is to find like-minded women, a place to talk and enjoy life with a community, which supports each other without hidden agendas. Join a community that appreciates and celebrates you, whilst supporting you to be the woman you need to be to take control of your life in 2019.

You're invited to come and join us, as we celebrate women, whilst giving you a place to be listened, valued and supported to lead and succeed in their life. 

The evening focuses on empowering you to stop procrastinating, supporting and encouraging you to take control of your life. Together we will help you get started with free practical advice on where to get started, how to tackle your initial challenges, a clear action plan for your next steps and leave feeling motivated and confident and have the best chance of succeeding long-term in your life. Also, you get time to wind down after a long day and meet other inspirational people in the same shoes as you.

We've deliberately chosen the New Road Boutique Hotel near Whitechapel Station as it's a relaxing environment, where you can unwind after a long week and literally feel at home. No-one's being left out, we'll make sure of that! I will be there to meet every one of you personally and make you feel comfortable.

Meet Your Hosts: Sara K

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She's an Award-Winning Qualified Marketing Practitioner and Business Mentor featured in Huffington Post, BBC, Hello Magazine and Pure London. She's lead global marketing projects with big brands such as Volkswagen Group and today supports Architects, CEOs, Corporate Directors, Managers, Luxury Fashion Designers, Surgeons to Vice Presidents from some of the biggest organisations in the world, from Google, Amazon, Gucci, Deutsche Bank, Vivienne Westwood, Bank of America Merrill Lynch to BBC. Although it hasn't been easy, as over the years she's suffered from anxiety, low self-confidence, and depression,  and understands firsthand the crippling mindset women suffer at work and battles women face in daily life.

After feeling demoralised in several of her jobs, she said 'enough was enough'. Today, she uses her marketing expertise to deliver a combination of confidence-building tools and marketing techniques to support women to break the glass ceiling and start their own businesses through their passions. As a result of her ventures, Sarah has reached over 150 women from across the globe in 180 days.


"It all started by attending one of Sarah's meetup. Sarah is the only person I can trust who understands my value and my vision. She supported me to startup from nothing, she invested time and I can never thank her enough. I could not have done it without her!" - Beverley Walters.

"To be honest I did not think it would work for me. It did and it has changed how I approach my life and relationships. Thanks Wajeeha"

"When I first went to a meetup with Sarah I was nervous what it would be like but afterwards, I was so glad I attended. I left not only with clear guidelines on what I needed to do and improve on but also with the knowledge that there was someone there to talk to when the bumps in the road on my journey show up, which is why it is always a pleasure to go to Sarah's events. It's more like catching up with a friend than a typical networking event." - Andrea Alleyne

"Wajeeha, I used the skills I learned at the Unexpected Connections event and I was offered the job."

"Attending one of Sarah's lounge event was the best £10 pounds I have ever spent" - Danielle Bodjo

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