InstaBranding in 60-Minutes

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As one of London’s Leading Instagram Marketing Expert, I hear the frustrations of business owners and their uphill struggle to building a brand on one of the world’s fastest growing social media app, Instagram.

It can seem overwhelming, especially as the new Instagram algorithm has made it harder than ever to gain engagement, followers and get noticed organically.

As a Marketing Practitioner and Social Media Marketing Consultant, I pride myself on being at the forefront of social media updates and dedicate my time to figuring it out, so clients and marketing teams can focus on managing the accounts.

After spending endless hours testing, implementing and mastering the algorithm, I wanted to help you in 2019 and it all starts with the basics of branding. I've created a simple and practical Instagram branding guide this 2019, with a checklist to renew, rejuvenate and revitalize your Instagram in 60-minutes.

Let’s start from the top;

1. Profile Image: Whether you're a startup or brand, freshen up your logo for 2019. Why not add a close-up photo of yourself, so users are enticed to click on your profile to know more about you or your business.
2. Username: See your username as choosing your website domain. When people can’t find you they end up giving up, so make it easy to remember when spoken. People prefer to type short and memorable, so they can search you quickly and try not to use too many underscores. If you're struggling use words like 'official' etc.
3. Name: If you’ve chosen the username as your brand name, don’t be afraid to add your name here if you are your brand, so people can search you by your name too. As sometimes when you are out networking, finding you via your name can be easier. 
4. Category: Add the industry you are in, try to be precise. It helps users an idea of what your account will be about.
5. Bio: See this as your 150 characters 'about' sentence. What makes you unique, credible and best?
6. Link: If users saw only one page, which one would it be? Add that page link here. If you're promoting an event, add the Eventbrite link.
7. Address: Look credible by adding an address. If you are holding an event or consultations, add a temporary location.
8. 'Email address' Action Button: Did you know you can add a link to scheduling platforms to say 'Book Now’.
9. Cleanse Your Following: Cleanse the people you follow, instead follow people in your industry that inspire you and competitors to keep an eye on them. 
10. Posts Clear Out: Finally, do not forget to have a clear out of posts you may not want, you never know.

If you’re anything like me, I love a downloadable version I can use as a checklist, so I’ve included a PDF that you can download and print just follow the link below.

I hope that helps and gets you started in 2019. Although, if you’re struggling, don’t worry I’m always here to support you with business and 1-to-1 social media training sessions.

Don’t be afraid to contact me directly or take advantage of my bespoke 1-to-1 Instagram Marketing Masterclass for only £197 (for a limited time only);

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