I support businessmen, women and organisations with specialist social media skills, training and techniques to market their products/services online. I offer thee main services, 1-to-1 online sessions (ideal for busy individuals in the UK or worldwide), face-to-face sessions or a structured bespoke training program.


Startup Accelerator Session

Starts from £179

Ideal for busy working people struggling to startup or growing their business due to limited marketing support.

When it comes to starting a business it can be overwhelming and unless you have thousands of pounds, it is near enough impossible. 

As a Qualified Marketing Practitioner and Business Mentor, I've witnessed the division in helping all in society to startup, as a result, I left my city job working with global brands and decided to support those who don't have £10,000 and need affordable expert support.

I will help you get started with practical advice on where to get begin, how to tackle your initial challenges, with a clear action plan for your next steps and leave feeling motivated and energised. I share my golden nuggets, so you launch a business with confidence and have the best chance of succeeding long-term.

If you would like to know how I can help you break your barriers over a coffee, please do not hesitate to book your session with me.


Instagram Marketing Masterclass


Ideal for business women or men who prefer hands-on Instagram marketing help with demonstrations to address specific challenges and need an expert by your side.

The bespoke one-to-one session is tailored to you and your needs but if you don’t know what help you need, I will do an audit and I usually cover the following;

1. Branding Your Instagram - I break down what it takes to transform your small business into a brand for Instagram and show you how to start on branding your account. In addition, I’ll share examples of successful Instagram of all sizes and I help you create your Instagram account.

2. What to Post on Instagram to Increase Followers, Likes & Comments (Engagement) - Creating and posting Instagram posts is an art form thus, this segment will be hands-on to show you and inspire you when crafting posts that secrets to getting ahead of your competitors. Also, I share an effective weekly Instagram post plan to help you with what time to post, when to post and how to post. Including Instagram rules and secrets to saving you time!

3. How to Promote Yourself, Company or Business Effectively on Instagram (Advertising) - I share secret techniques to connecting and getting attention from your target audience, industry experts and bloggers. And a how to get to grips with responding or connecting with influencers, with practical templates we will work on together.

If you’ve hit a block and wondering if I can help, I warmly invite you to book your Masterclass with me.

Social Media Training_Sara K Digital

Social Media Training Days

Quote on Request (Ideal for SMEs & Larger Organisations)

I take the pressure off CEOs and Managers by providing practical social media training days for interns, graduates, and marketing employees. 

I started as a Junior Marketing Executive, who progressed to managerial level and then started to train companies in social media marketing. I understand employees don't get the digital marketing training, thus don't have the skills they need to do their jobs efficiently. As a result, managers or business owners suffer, time is money, and in the fast-paced world of work, it's sink or swim. 

With uniquely designed practical sessions, hands-on support, and practical tasks bespoke to your businesses' needed, I mentor your team with the strategy and tools to tackle social media confidently and skills to support you better. 

The tailored training days enable your employees in a workshop format or one-to-one team training to have a mentor at hand to ensure your team is on track and are provided with the additional support, if required, freeing your day up to get on with running your business. 

You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your career or company. If I can help you, your team or company, please feel free to contact me.



Here is just what some of my clients, attendees to my events and just some of the people who I kindly helped along the way had to say about me.


Business Mentoring and Website

"Sarah is the only person I can trust who understands my value and my vision. She supported me to startup from nothing, she invested time and I can never thank her enough. I could not have done it without her!" - Beverley Walters


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.19.05.png

Strategy, Branding and Social Media Marketing

"Sarah is a true master practitioner and the best I've seen. She is the only person I can trust who understands my value and knows what I'm worth. Sarah continues to help me raise the bar within social media and digital marketing industry." - Abdul Shakur

Rebrand, Strategy, Social media consultancy, PR and Events Marketing

"Sarah goes above and beyond to get to know you, your why and leads you to reach your business goals. She's that driving instructor who's not only determined to help you to pass and keep you safe but made social media fun and exciting (rather than something I'd been dreading and fearing). She broke it all down for me until it made total sense.  She pointed out the blind spots that I had missed, she said try this and try that.  She gave me some vital tools of the trade, which meant I could hit the road running and go it alone once I felt confident enough. She taught me how to drive not only a car but a HGV!

She's passionate, dedicated, extremely talented and a valued member of my business. Sarah comes with my highest recommendation." - Wajeeha Amin

Business Mentoring, Website, Google Adwords and Social Media Advertising

"I can't thank Sarah enough for everything she has done to help my new business start up. I couldn't have done it without her! She's been an amazing mentor from branding, creating my website to social media marketing. I've seen such a difference with my Instagram already, sales have quadrupled and it's only been a week since she helped me to implement what I'd learned - how to get more exposure and engagement!" - Ani, Founder & CEO 

Instagram and facebook Marketing Consultancy

"I went to the session expecting to have an informative session about Facebook, instead, I received more than I paid for. It was a masterclass, a coaching session rolled in one and, towards the end, I felt I was talking to a friend who has my best interest at heart. I totally and utterly recommend her!

If you use social media, go to one of Sarah's sessions, you will thank me in the end." - Laura Malini, Corporate HR Director

Rebrand, Online Marketing Campaign, Content marketing, and Website

"Sarah understands my vision, she does an amazing job and love my website.

Sarah, literally you are heaven sent.  I’ve run out of thank you's. I’m truly grateful for your belief in me. It means more than you could even imagine." - Toyan Oriogun, Young British Designer



Sara K Digital Testimonial

Event: Fashion Business Lounge

“I was so glad I attended Sarah's event, I left not only with clear guidelines on what I needed to do and improve on but also with the knowledge that there was someone there to talk to when the bumps in the road on my journey”. - Andrea Alleyne

Sara K Digital Testimonial 2

Event: Women’s Business Lounge

“Sarah is an amazing mentor. She helped me to figure out my next steps and the direction I want to take with my freelance business". - Dora Marotta, Blogger

Sarah Khan, Sara K Digital Testimonial

Event: Marketing Your Business Online

“I'm always grateful for meeting, Sarah. It’s inspiring speaking to Sarah, she puts a smile on my face and is truly a blessing. You are very special, I hope you know that, Sarah” - Kevina Kizza