Startup In 6-Weeks

With a Leading Business Mentor & Startup Specialist

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If you've got a business idea, passion to start or grow your business yet you aren't sure where to start, then I'm here to help.

Every month, I exclusively take four chosen individuals for my 6-week Startup program, where I mentor them, step-by-step to start and grow your business online. 

As a Qualified Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Expert and Business Mentor, I meet businesswomen with extraordinary ideas, products and services yet they don't know the next steps or how to start selling. 

Unless you have connections or a secret stash of cash to spend on marketing and PR, starting a business can not only be overwhelming but a scary thought. Not many will take the time to understand your business or help you through your journey, that's why I started the 6-week startup program, where I'm with you every step of the way.

I'm on a mission to mentor the nation to launch their businesses online and save them thousands of pounds, after all, qualified specialist advice shouldn't be only for the super wealthy yet everyone.


My supportive, empowering and practical program is designed to make your vision a reality, it's never too late and with the right support you can and will do it.

We will start by deep diving into your idea, focus on selecting a collection that sells, clear budget of what you will need for the initial startup and guide you to attract your ideal target audience online. In other words, I will equip you to tackle the key business and marketing skills to start your business confidently.

In a nutshell, with my exclusive 6-Week Startup Program combines 1-to-1 expert hands on training, consultancy and practical sessions so you will leave with the following;

  • WEEK 1: Getting Started - Support you to refine products/services that will profit.

  • WEEK 2: Build Your Brand Online - Design and get the packaging ready.

  • WEEK 3: Photoshoot and Create Website - Photoshoot, with professional product shots of your products/services to use for your website, branding and other marketing promotions.

  • WEEK 4: Additional Website Support & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Professional website, with an online store that's SEO optimised.

  • WEEK 5: Social Media Marketing - Setup your social media, with your branding and posts.

  • WEEK 6: Online Advertising - Create social media ads on your chosen platform

  • And together we will finally launch your business!

For a more detailed breakdown of what I’ll be covering in the program download the breakdown here.

More importantly, l give you the confidence and equip you with tools to start and grow your own business online and lead in your field to become the Apple of your niche.


"She's been an amazing mentor from branding, creating my website to social media marketing. I've seen such a difference with my Instagram already, sales have quadrupled and it's only been a week since she helped me to implement what I'd learned, from how to get more exposure, engagement to using social media to sell.

I can't thank Sarah enough for everything she has done to help my new business start up. I couldn't have done it without her!"- Ani, Founder & CEO, Escape Aesthetics

You can find more client testimonials here >

Reserve Your Place Today

You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your future investment, yourself and your business? Don't procrastinate, book your place today and you'll save over £2500 on startup fees from agencies and experts. 

I genuinely look forward to supporting you to become the Apple of your niche.

Not Sure If The Program Is For You?

If you're not sure if the 6-week program is for you, please feel free to schedule a call with me.


What if I work full-time and can't do it in 6 weeks?

I totally understand that's why in this instance I extended to 12-weeks. For instance, rather than one week per section, it turns into two weeks per section. 

What if my product isn't ready and I stall in week 2?

The program is designed to make life easier for you, so if you are waiting for the manufacturer to produce anything I usually put programs on hold. Just see it as a pay as you go, yes, no hidden charges or costs.

In most occasions individuals usually just need an additional week to improve their product or service, where I usually provide solutions to support clients to get their products/services out there quicker with my help.

What if I just need help with social media advertising?

I always tell people, I rather you didn't pay for the program. Instead, you can just pay 1-to-1 session in the area you need support in e.g. social media advertising. 

If you have any questions I haven't answered, don't be afraid to contact me